Glass Onion

Glass Onion is an acoustic Beatles cover band made up of North Shore musicians who have been playing music for a very long time. Three of the members—John, Bob & Ed—played together in several bands in their late teens, and the young onion, Anna, joined recently to fill out the needed keyboard and bass sounds of this all-acoustic band.

Playing songs from every era of Beatlemania and their ‘studio years’, Glass Onion focuses on tunes that feature the complex harmonies for which the Beatles were admired. Glass Onion’s comfort with pop music’s most diverse catalogue ranges from performing early under-appreciated songs, like “Ask Me Why,” “Not a Second Time,” “I Want to Tell You,” and “Every Little Thing,” to the very familiar “Here Comes the Sun, “ “In My Life,” “If I Needed Someone,” and “With a Little Help from My Friends,” and so much more. Even the guitar-driven pop of “Hey Bulldog,” “I’ll Get You,” “She’s a Woman,” and “Revolution” get a unique acoustic treatment. All good stuff!

We are looking for venues that are interested in this kind of subtlety, and would appreciate you considering Glass Onion for your musical needs. We have promotional CD’s of a broad selection of songs that we can deliver to you, or you can contact Ed at to receive a few Mp3 or WAV sampled songs.

Looking forward to hearing from you. For the Onions—Ed