Before the Second Rooster

Publication Date: March 14, 2008

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Before the Second Rooster

Note: The following songs, Soul Rendezvous (The Lobbyist’s Song), Frogs Will Never Fall from the Sky, Highway 10, Ash Wednesday originally on this CD, were re-mixed and included on the CD “Jacquerie”:

Rooster Stories

For years, when I was doing a lot of home recordings, my family used to give me weird percussion instruments for Christmas. I built up quite a collection and became very interested in percussion as a way of coloring music and sound. One instrument was this cheap metal squeeze clacker with two spring-loaded roosters hitting a small cymbal a split second apart from each other. It was beautiful, noisy and annoying.

Until “Highway 10” I never found much use for it other than to irritate my cat Louie. That song is a mess of noise— grocery bags played like accordions to replicate goose-stepping Gestapo, tea canisters full of dried kidney beans—anything that could create an atmosphere of war trash. The ‘rooster’ was used in the chorus/prayer and was a cue for Bill to put the faders up on the full complement of war…  more


Released January 1, 2009, BMI, Copyright: Edward Morneau

Produced, Composed & Played by E. Morneau, Unless Otherwise Noted:

Stephen Foster: Words on “Oh Susannah,” New Melody by E. Morneau

Kathleen Medelinskas: Words on “Staunch Dublin Boy” & “Sweet Light of Day”

Barack Obama inspired “Welcome the Waves” in his Commencement Address at the University of Massachusetts (Boston) for the Class of 2006.

Engineered & Mastered by Bill Mason, at Second Story, Boston, MA

Graphic Design by Steve Mammone


Paul Lawrence: Bass Guitar on “Frogs…,” “Dear President Next,” “Alchemy,” “Soul Rendezvous,” “Soldier’s Lament,” and “Highway 10”; David Morneau: Sound Collages & Effects on “Before the Second Rooster,” ”Highway 10,”& “Sweet Light of Day”; Ruby Bird: Harmonica on “”I’ve Already Seen Too Much” & “Ash Wednesday”; Billy Carl Mancini: Extra Percussion on “Frogs…”; Eric Meyer: Drums on “Frogs…”

License: BMI: All Rights Reserved

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