Delmo Christmas

Publication Date: January 7, 1980

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These are the two Christmas songs we recorded in the summer 1981 at Designer Sound. One of the tunes, the country-flavored “A Christmas Wish,” impressed Noel Paul Stokey (Peter Paul & Mary) enough for him to write his own version of Greg’s lyrics.

Composed by Greg Dellorco & Ed Morneau
Produced by Ed Morneau
Engineered by Fred Mueller
Lead vocals: Greg Dellorco
Guitars: Ed Morneau
Piano: Leah Sklar                                                                                                                                                                                                Drums: Richard Kochakian
Bass: Mark Longo
Percussion: Jim Weaver
Harmonies: Richie Kramer and EM

Copyright  1981 Heartstrings/Delmo BMI * All Rights Reserved

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