Read to Me

Publication Date: January 1, 1990

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Read to Me

In 1990, two wonderful parents from Dedham, Bob & Kay Blaha, invited me to join the board of their new enterprise, called READ TO ME. I was a teacher at Dedham High School at the time and previously had two of their children in my English classes. The goal of READ TO ME was to promote reading.

The founders had done the research on reading and discovered that one of the most important things one can do for children is to read to them soon after they are born. To further this goal, they came up with this idea that books should be included in every newborn’s birthing kit, so that mothers and fathers know implicitly that reading is a central part of nurturing. To accomplish this they added to their board several reading specialists, child advocates, and learning advisors, including honorary advisor, the late poet, Maya Angelou.

In building such a professional advisory board, they were able to appeal to and convince several major national children’s book publishers to donate children’s books, in English and in Spanish, to several Boston hospitals that would include them in a baby’s birthing kit. The greater goal was to make this a state, regional, and eventually, a national drive.

As a board member, a language arts teacher, and a songwriter, they asked me to compose a song about reading, which I did. I recorded it with another teacher, Greg Dellorco, who I had performed and recorded with in a band called Rane. “Read to Me,” the song, was the result. The goal was to use the song in a video to promote the READ TO ME concept and organization to help achieve the larger effort through media outreach. The “Read to Me” video was eventually made and has been used by a number of schools as a central part of their reading program.

While we could not get the funding to expand the program beyond local success, the effort was a positive one and the song is still a part of a lot of people’s advocacy of reading.


Produced and Composed by Edward Morneau
Greg Dellorco, Vocals; Ed Morneau, Instruments & Harmonies
Released January 1, 1990


Read to Me

Read to me, oh Mama read
These are the words which I will need
Here is the language of all dreams
I must know… I must know.

Read to me, oh Papa read
Tell me tales, sit me on your knee
Through these words the world I’ll see
I must know…I must know.

The world is at your fingertips
The past is on the page
The future is the stage for the young.
Words sing from your tender lips
Words dance on your tongue
Teach me while I’m young to read.

Read to me so I can read
This is the way it has to be
If you do you’ll set me free
And I’ll know…and I’ll know.

Read to me of fairy tales
Read to me of rhymes
Tell me of a time long ago
Of brave heroes and heroines
Of the forest wild / Of the moon at night,
And the sun that gives us light enough to…

Read so I can find my way
Through stormy seasons and darker days
Read to me the words that say
I can live… I can really live a life
So give me words to tell the truth
And give me thoughts so I can open my eyes.


© 1990 Heartstrings BMI * All Rights Reserved


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