Stavin’ Chain

Publication Date: February 12, 2022

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Stavin’ Chain is a foursome of teachers gathered by fate and fortitiude at Raymond Jr. & Sr. High School, circa 1977-79. Raymond was a cozy little, one-McDonald’s town along Rte 101 in Southern New Hampshire, and became the veritable “Crossroads” for Chris “Jive” George (vocals, guitars), Mary “Mars” Maloney (vocals), Eddy “Crummy” Morneau (guitars, vocals, percussion, production), and Cindy “Ratched” Premo, vocals, guitar). All hailed from various musical backgrounds–Chris, the original “Guitar George” and blues enthusiast; Mary, a natural for the Broadway stage–she could hold a torch song to anyone; Cindy, a folk enthusiast and fettuccine hagiographer; and Ed, a delirious devotee to all things British Pop. That they could join together and create these demos, and do it with spirit and wit, should give heft to the idea that the soul has no boundaries when it comes to music.

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