The Big Balloon by Rick Berlin

Publication Date: January 1, 2022

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Rick Berlin is one of Boston’s most formidable musical icons, having founded and fronted bands, such as Orchestra Luna (I & II), Berlin Airlift, Rick Berlin: The Movie, Nickel & Dime Band, and a few others. The Big Balloon is his second book and like his first, The Paragraphs, it is is a poignant, hilarious, full of the tender and difficult experiences that shaped his triumphs and disappointments. Berlin is beyond frank about his excesses and the pitfalls of a music industry that crushes innovation, the mystery of risk, and the kinds of bravery and honesty that have discouraged so many talented artists who did not persist. And persist he does–without instruction and with a deep love of music and the people who populate his life.

The following review is a long-form look into his book and was intended as a thorough exploration of a unique artist.

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